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Rehoboth Today

Rehoboth Mennonite Church continues to thrive in the Pembroke Community. We are active year round, and continue to give back through programs and service. We serve as a refuge for families in need, and continue to spread love and opportunity in every way we can. 

Some of or programs include: 

  • Weekly Service

  • Summer Bible School Day Camp, youth & adult

  • Blueberry Farm

  • Retreat Center

  • Camp Grounds


Rehoboth Bible Day Camp


Every summer Rehoboth Mennonite Church offers a free week-long bible camp for anyone in the commuity. They participate in fun and engaging activities, and even get to go on a field trip. 

Outside View of Rehoboth's main Retreat House


Rehoboth Retreat Center has several cabins and primary Retreat house on its campus. They provide affordable lodging for anyone visiting Pembroke, as well as the Church's refuge for community members who are in a time of need.

Winter Pruning of our Blueberry Patch


Members of the communitee and other surrounding areas volunteer to help keep the  bushes mantained, so that healthy and plentinful berries can be harvested in July. 

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